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Your garden is the place where you feel fine, relaxed, at ease. Life blooms in your garden and smells at its best and your pavement shines like never before. So it should be in every garden of course, but this is certainly not always the case. To create the atmosphere needed expertise. Expertise such as V & D fences and decks. They are capable of the ‘regular’ garden to conjure an atmosphere as you would like to see it prefers, hear, feel and smell. Perhaps you have a modern flavor, or go for classic? V & D fences and decks has extensive experience in fulfilling your wishes in terms of fences and decks. In consultation with you designed the fence or deck. All requests are thoroughly thought out, after which the plan is implemented accurately. We are aiming to offer you the best possible service. We will therefore make every effort to meet your expectations.

A fence down several advantages , they are easy to maintain, and you have plenty of choice. There are different types of wooden fences, or concrete fences in many colors and patterns.

A fence is an important part of the garden. It is the separation between the garden of your neighbors that you create privacy in your garden. It is sometimes used as a hedge yard separation , but this requires a lot of maintenance.


We have years of experience within this sector. The construction, maintenance, design and planting of gardens at home and abroad!

Gabion fences – St. Catharines

September 29th, 2016|0 Comments

All done at St. Catharines. Thank God for great crew and for the assistance of a good friend / carpentry contractor VD fences and decks . Gabion panels were used for this project as a [...]

Canada Bloom’s

March 25th, 2016|0 Comments

An article featuring our booth from¬†Canada Bloom's. We are still a bit proud! ūüėȬ† www.torontogardens.com